Enhancement of gender equality in the agriculture and livestock sector through active cooperation of both women and men for the opportunity to contribute and benefit equally from the activities of all sub-sectors in the agriculture sector, FRDO organization has four objectives in its gender mainstreaming strategy for the agriculture sector to be achieved by 2020 in order to address poverty reduction and gender equality. The four objectives are:

  • Increase the gender awareness training at every level of the agriculture and livestock sector
  • Integration of gender analysis and sex disaggregated targets and data into the planning of the agriculture and livestock sector
  • Increase the authoritative possibilities and number of women that have the adequate attributes necessary for leadership positions in agriculture and livestock based projects
  • Increase the ability of rural women to access and manage resources and agricultural services.

FRDO organization has implemented several of projects in this sector like Animal Husbandry trainings and animal distribution, veterinary projects, agro-business and etc. As we know agriculture is the main and good resources for people of Afghanistan; therefore FRDO works in this sector to deliver the modern ways of agriculture to people of Afghanistan.

Strategic Objective

In Agriculture sector FRDO is committed to:

  • Developing and improving land productivity and accessibility.
  • Increasing and developing fodder production, animal breed and pastoral areas.
  • Improving and expanding fish farming.
  • Strengthening households’ economy and marketing mechanism in favor of the small producers.
  • Establishing of business oriented models/ economic entrepreneurs with partnerships among private sector-farmers’ bodies.
  • Improving the quality of local products.
  • Developing and strengthening Afghani branding, trade market and certification.
  • Strengthening skills and capacities of workers in pre and post harvesting.
  • Strengthening and empowering farmers committees.
  • Encouraging and promoting the presence of local products.
  • Development of an economic incentive’s packages for agriculture rural areas.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns in the field of legislation governing system.
  • Upgrading infrastructure of marketing and production.
  • Purchasing and collective marketing.
  • Cooperative capacity building.
  • Ensuring FRDO‘s sustainability (efficiency & effectiveness).
  • Developing policies and procedures.
  • Staff training and training of volunteers.

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