The essence of the education rights element of this dimension of gender equality is that women and men must have equal access to education services and participate equally in education development. It entails the full integration of women into the education and is therefore very closely linked to social rights. The education dimension of gender equality is also found to some extent in some of the other categories of gender equality.

By its very nature, there is a wide range of activities relating to education and social rights in gender equality. Initiatives that may contribute to the inclusion of gender equality issues into the education dimension include:

  • Eliminating gender gaps in the education sector
  • Equal access to primary, secondary and higher education
  • Public outreach and
  • More flexible work environments, etc.

Strategic Objective

In the education sector FRDO is committed:

To help all young women, girls and boys who have been suffered by imposed war in Afghanistan and are deprived from education by establishing English language and computer courses.

  • To establish short-term language and computer courses for the youth who have just graduated from school and want to have jobs.
  • Conduction short-term administration and management training workshops that will enable them to work in the government offices efficiently.
  • To provide literacy courses for the illiterate afghan women enable them just to read and write.
  • To provide courses, TBA (traditional birth attendance) family planning programs and first aid in order to improve their health.
  • Provision of education programs through schools and courses for the children of unaccompanied widows.
  • Establishment of kindergarten for children.

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