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Emergency and Livelihood Sector

Our emergency and livelihood programming focuses on food/cash and in-kind distributions, natural disasters, food for work, cash for work and food for training projects to assist those who are below poverty line, and affected population by lean seasons, floods and droughts. Our programmes prevents household’s food insecurity, extreme poverty, and enable poor women, widows, uneducated women and girls, women headed households, child headed households and girls to secure sustainable livelihoods by increasing and improving their access to, control of, and benefits from economic and natural resources, opportunities and services including housing, employment, markets, trade, and information communication technologies (ICTs).

Strategic Objective

  • Conduct situational analysis at district and provincial level to collect over all facts, figures and information about the population settled in affected areas.
  • Conduct feasibility assessment and prepare and develop feasibility reports to national and international donors.
  • Conduct need assessment in the affected areas and develop need assessment reports.
  • Establish joint survey committees and conduct survey at the district and community level to ensure affected population are identified and targeted.
  • Establish distribution committees to ensure aid is distributed to affected groups and beneficiaries.
  • Establish monitoring mechanisms to oversee the operations at the targeted locations.
  • Provide tools and equipment and necessary trainings to affected beneficiaries in order to enable them be self-sufficient.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms with relevant government line directorates and international donor’s agency.
  • Create market linkages for the products of affected beneficiaries at provincial level.
  • Establish compliance and feedback mechanism in order to ensure beneficiaries are safe and their concerns and thoughts are considered.

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