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FRDO Sectors of Operation and Objectives

FRDO is an Afghan woman-led local NGO with around 22 years of experience in assisting, empowering and developing Afghan people especially Afghan women around the country. Over the last two decades, FRDO has implemented more than eighty-one projects in 17 province and 218 districts across Afghanistan, where it has successfully conducted and implemented income generation (Vocational Skills Development), educational, health, agriculture, construction, emergencies, economic growths, capacity building and awareness raising projects which impacted lives of thousands of Afghan families, farmers, girls and women in Afghanistan. Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) works to create the lasting changes in the lives of its target beneficiaries through our work in skills development, education, health, emergencies and agriculture sectors.

Income Generation – Skills Development Sector

FRDO is serving the poor families, vulnerable women, widows, young unguarded girls; orphans and disables that have the ability to work and capability to be trained. FRDO establishes vocational trainings skill development and income generation programs such as carpet weaving, shoe making, gelim weaving, bag making, wool spinning, color dyeing, biscuit making, poultry, leather works, confectionary, sweet making, iron smith, carpentry, electric repairing, embroidery, tailoring, golden embroidery and etc in order to provide them sustainability and to make them self-supportive. In addition we are eager to establish educational training courses such as literacy courses and health education courses that will be of some use for their future.

1.1 Strategic Objective

Poor and unemployed women and men, jobless youth (boys and girls), widows, and women headed households have secured entrepreneurial opportunities and sustainable employment. To do this we will:

  • We provide vocational skills training to jobless in the community with especial focus on poor, widow, and unemployed women.
  • Support our beneficiaries to establish their own self-help and income-generation groups.
  • We provide business and marketing trainings and support them to establish their own small enterprises, including value chain development.
  • We develop business and marketing plans to our beneficiaries while developing their related skills.
  • We link our beneficiaries with micro-finance loan providers to take loans and operate their businesses across the country.
  • We provide toolkits to our beneficiaries after the trainings to make them self-sufficient.
  • We conduct market research and facilitate linkages between our beneficiaries and markets in order to find markets to their products.
  • We provide trainings on job placement and making applications to our beneficiaries.

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