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Board of director

Sharifa Hamrah was born in Balkh province of Afghanistan and is an Afghan citizen. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in chemical technology, and acquired her master’s degree in the field of chemical technology in 1983 from the Tashkent polytechnic university. She has over 25 years of hands-on experience and worked with government and private sectors. In 1995, after assessing the needs of the refugees arriving in Pakistan, she decided to found FRDO NGO and help those who are need and now, she serves as a FRDO NGO's Executive Director. After she obtained her Master degree in chemical technology from Tashkent polytechnic University of Uzbekistan, Sharifa Hamrah began a career in humanitarian work since 1996. During her professional career, she has directed and implemented variety of projects with international organizations including the United Nations and foreign embassies.

Abdullah Nedaee is an Afghan citizen from Kabul province of Afghanistan. He has bachelor degree in Business Administration from Maiwand University and is specialized in finance. Before joining Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) as Board Treasurer, he had worked as Admin/Finance Manager, Senior Administrative officer, and Administrative Associate with AMRAN, Care-International, UNDP, TMF and FRDO for 18 years and now he serves as a HRDBS Technical Assistant with The Asia Foundation in Kabul. During his career as a FRDO board Treasurer, he has developed financial policies and procedures and supported the finance team of FRDO organization in the day to day operations.

Mrs. Anosha Farhad is from Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. She has graduated from Literature faculty of Faiz Abad University and has bachelor degree. She is newly appointed as a board member of Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO). She has attendant gender, human rights, strategy plan, proposal writing, teacher training, planning, monitoring and supervision, business development, and social activities trainings conducted by national and international organizations in Kabul and Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. She has over thirteen years’ experience in health, agriculture, education, agribusiness, income generation, construction, awareness raising, capacity building, research, marketing and management sectors in key positions. Prior to this, Mrs. Anosha Farhad has worked at Farooq Adam Co, and VAF-UNION AID. Currently, she serves as a founder and chairwomen of WMSSO, Almas Kookcha Freight and Transportation, Radween Trading Ltd, and Cabotage Logistics Services and has membership of ACCI, AWCCI, AWN, ACBAR and MOWA in Afghanistan.

Nazira Amin was born in Balkh province of Afghanistan and is a board member of Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO). She has a bachelor degree in Literature from Balkh University. During his educational and work career, she has participated in the pre-service education program (PSEP), in service education program (INSEP), teaching techniques, training methods, learning styles and feedback, disaster risk reduction (DRR), effective facilitation skills for trainers, age-gender-diversity, community health promotion, school management, peace-conflict and child protection, subject up-grading, case studies, library management, and field survey trainings, organized and conducted by Tethratech, Afghan Institute of Learning, AWEC, Care-International, and DACAAR in Kabul and Balkh provinces of Afghanistan. Ms. Nazira Amin has over twenty-two years’ experience with various organizations and prior to joining FRDO as a board member, she served as data analyst, community mobilizer, teacher trainer, head of departments, and board member.

Mr. Niamatullah Hamrah, Chairman of the FRDO Board of Directors, born in 1967, holds a Bachelor degree in Medical faculty from Balkh University. He has participated in conflict management, peace building training, good governing, business management, lending process, risk management, market evaluation, marketing, health service arrangement and clinic management, and health management, and administration trainings organized by Rural Development Institute of Afghanistan, Balkh BDS training center, FMFB Afghanistan, OXUS-Afghanistan (MFI) and Swedish Committee in Afghanistan. He has over sixteen years’ experience in health sector and management of organizations in various positions including head of health trainings, doctor, board chairman and advisor at AWARD, FRDO, MRRD, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, health net international, and UNAMA. Mr. Niamatullah has served as a head and board member of the DH hospital in Darzab district of Jawzjan province, head and board member of CC clinic in Qush Tipa district of Faryab province ad head and board member in governmental clinic in Sangcharak district of Balkh province. He is an experienced doctor, manager and a board member of several organization and develops policies and procedures to organizations where he serves as a board chairman and board member.

Shakila Amiri was born in Kabul province of Afghanistan. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Social Science in 1989 from the Social Science institute of Russia. She has over 19 years of work experience and worked with government and private sectors, save the children International, Care-International, and war child Canada office In Kabul, Shakila Amiri takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material advantage.  She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in social information that levers the organization. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and establishing governance boundaries, Shakila Amiri earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. Currently, as a Board member at Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) a local NGO, Shakila creates and defines the mission statement of the organization and oversees the operations of the peace and justice sector of the organization regularly.   

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