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Our Vision

To empower vulnerable families, farmers, poor and jobless people, uneducated girls and with special focus on women by improving their capacity and providing opportunities to be self-sufficient and self-sustained.

Our Mission

We improve poor and affected families, farmers, and women’s living conditions through promoting role of law, democracy, education, human rights, women rights defense, self-reliance, health care, livelihood, gender equity, and effective use of resources. We promote sustainable community development, good governance, economic opportunities, social economic, ecological standard and social develop­ment. Our organization exists to empower women, girls and communities for promoting sustainable safety, security, relief, democracy where be addressed the causes of human suffering, poverty, and social injustice. We provide services and boost economic opportunities for poor, vulnerable and marginalized Afghans especially women and girls to live in peace, welfare and dignity.

Our Core Values

  • Focus on women activities of social justice which benefits the women and children of the society.
  • Commitment in participating and empowerment of women to make their own decisions.
  • On the accountability and sustainability of the program to enable the individual communities and institution to create and continue change and adopt enduring system and behavior in society.
  • Organization mandate to encourage the youth to take active part in the society by creating alternatives for the welfare and dignity of the society.
  • Transparency and commitment towards the vision.
  • Equality, dignity and respect for all.
  • Diversity.
  • We prove and maintain constant credibility.
  • Concentrate on providing honest, straightforward and realistic assessment of the issues, risks and probable outcomes of each matter.
  • Respect and support for the people and responsiveness to the public.
  • Foundation relation and networking with other organization.

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