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Who we are

Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) is a non-profit, non-political and non-government organization (NGO), for the first time registered in 1995 with Ministry of Planning and after several years, when the directorate of NGOs has been established in Ministry of Economy, FRDO was registered under registration number 56 dated 1384/6/24 with Ministry of Economy, government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The idea of FRDO establishment raised with a strong needs of deprived and marginalized Afghan families’ especially Afghan women, farmers, poor families, women headed families, widows, unemployed and uneducated girls and women, IDPs, and refugees in Pakistan and Afghanistan, who were suffering from different forms of obstacles in their life. To bring lasting improvement in Afghan families and Afghan women’s quality of life, by the strong and continues support of UNHCR, UN-WFP, CIDA, CHF, UNICF, UN-HABITAT, AWN, GIZ, JICA, DAL-LGCD. ASGP, UNODC, SIKA EAST, ISAF, Commissioner of Canada, Japan Embassy, Canada Embassy, Uhmma Welfare, Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Qatar Joint Committee, Association of Norway, Global Fund for Women, Saudi Relief Committee for Afghanistan, UNOPS, CARE international, JSDF, MRRD, Malteser, IOM, ANCB, PRT, British Embassy, UNIFEM, Ambassador of Canada, USAID, Christian Aid, Creative USAID, ARD-LGCD-USAID, German Embassy, War Child Canada (WCC) and CSFO-MoLSAMD, Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) has implemented more than eighty-one projects in different sectors such as health, education, construction, emergencies, economic growths, capacity building and awareness raising and agriculture which impacted lives of thousands of Afghan families, farmers, girls and women across the country.

With the conclusive goals of SDGs, which focuses on poverty, hunger, health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, and peace and justice, Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) has increasingly focused its interventions on contributing to more productive and sustainable livelihood, especially within health, education, agriculture, emergencies, and economic growth sectors. We have comprehensive understanding of conflicts and obstacles existing in Afghanistan which causes to interrupt the implementation of SDGs 2030 and left the affected population in the same situation with a small amount of changes. Elimination of conflicts and barriers at all level of society is a prerequisite to successful development of Afghanistan. FRDO has, in recent years, come to include community peace building, and support emergencies as a further focus of its activities.

In order to boost long-term supportable and sustainable development at the community level, Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) utilizes a holistic and strongly people-centered approach in delivering projects. We work with all community representatives, government line ministries and directorates, district governors, CDCs, DDAs and district authorities while prioritizing the immediate and long-term needs of the vulnerable across region. We also encourage and strengthen the participation of our target beneficiaries and groups in the planning, implementation and monitoring of FRDO’s projects and the advancement of local ownership of both the development process and results. Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) has membership with ACBAR, AWN, and is registered with Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA), Ministry of refugees and returnees (MoRR), and Ministry of Labour Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) and is also a member of AHF, FSAC, OCHA, and FAO clusters.

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