Director's Statement:

FRDO organization is working for integrating gender mainstreaming into its program activities as well as organizational structure, though scarcity of female staff in today’s market is a challenge; FRDO organization is committed to promote gender mainstreaming within its environment by modifying its recruitment process in such a way that woman and men are not only provided with equal opportunities in competing for positions, but women will be given priority and certain advantage while considered for positions.


Men and women must have equal rights and opportunities in all areas of the economy and society if real sustainable economic and social development is to be achieved. Gender roles and disparities affect the management and sustainability of activities in every sector. For this reason, we consider gender as a cross-cutting subject of our strategy. Experience among that promoting gender equality has shown that it is insufficient to work only with gender equality-oriented projects. Gender equality issues must be a part of entire processes, policies and actions. Care must also be taken to secure the focus on gender equality throughout the project cycle. Therefore, gender equality is defined as a cross-cutting issue that is evaluated in all project applications of the program management. However, the notion of gender equality may also exist as the key focus of a project; an element without which the project would not be counted as complete. The condition of gender in our society indicates several difficulties inflicted on women such as deprivation from basic human rights, access to education, freedom of expression and even gender based violence both at the family and society level. We consider this our obligation to promote gender balance by empowering women in Afghan society through our program implementation.


Eng. Sharifa Hamrah

Female Rehabilitation & Development Organization (FRDO)