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Start Date: 1st April 2017

End Date: 30th September 2017

Geographical Location: Bamyan Center – Zargaran, TaiBoti, Azhdar, and Surkhdar villages.

Project Direct Beneficiaries: 480 female and 20 male

Project Indirect Beneficiaries: 3500 male and female

Funding Agency: United Nations – World Food Programme (UN-WFP)


The VST-CBT project was funded by the United Nation - World Food Program (UN-WFP) in 2017, the Vocational Skills Training – Cash Based Transfer (VST-CBT) project was mainly aimed at contributing to the end of hunger by enhancing the income generation skills of the most vulnerable population, mainly female groups and creating employment opportunities for vulnerable women in four villages of Bamyan center. The purpose of the project was to train 480 female beneficiaries in wool spinning, gelim weaving, tailoring, and hand sewing skills and 20 male beneficiaries in color dyeing skills in Zargaran, TaiBoti, Azhdar, and Surkhdar villages of Bamyan province center. Besides that, the project aimed to improve the food security of the beneficiaries through food commodities distribution. Beneficiaries who were enrolled in the training classes, received a voucher which valued 2285 AFN per month. During the implementation of the project, awareness raising classes on health and basic marketing topics conducted and delivered to project beneficiaries by the trainers and BDS officers of Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO). Specifically, the project was helped the beneficiaries to create and develop self-employment and/or wage-based jobs by providing skills and marketing trainings. Through the implementation of the said project, Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization trained 500 vulnerable male and female beneficiaries in five different skills based on the needs of labour market, and provided food commodities for the duration of six months which contributed effectively in sustainable employment creation, sustained income generation and improved food security of the beneficiaries. Other activities of the project included, developing market labour strategy, BDS trainings, business planning and developing job placement strategy for beneficiaries. All in all, as a result of six months continues efforts on trainings, beneficiaries gained enough skill and most of them started their own small businesses of production and sells of hand sewing, tailoring, and gelim weaving products.

Project Goal:

To train 500 vulnerable and affected female and male Beneficiaries in vocational skills and contribute to reduce the poverty level and improve food security of the beneficiaries through creation of job opportunities and enhance income of the vulnerable HHs in Bamyan Province.


Income of the project male and female beneficiaries increased and food security of the HHs improved.


  • 20 male beneficiaries trained in color dyeing skill.
  • 60 female beneficiaries trained in gelim weaving skill.
  • 80 female beneficiaries trained in wool spinning skill.
  • 200 female beneficiaries trained in tailoring skill.
  • 140 female beneficiaries trained in hand sewing skill.
  • 6,855,000 AFN in kind food commodities distributed.

Project Major Activities:

  • Small groups among beneficiaries created.
  • Business development and marketing trainings conduced.
  • Job placement strategy developed for project beneficiaries.
  • Linkages created among the markets and beneficiaries.
  • 200 hundreds tailoring machines and 200 hundreds overlock machines distributed.
  • Post-distribution monitoring conduced on monthly bases.

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