Start Date: 5th April 2018

End Date: 30th June 2018

Geographical Location: Bamyan Province – Kahmard, Saighan and Yakawalang No.2 Districts

Project Direct Beneficiaries: 1,500 male and female Beneficiaries

Project Indirect Beneficiaries: 10,500 male and female Beneficiaries

Funding Agency: United Nation – World Food Programme (UN-WFP)


The Seasonal Support – General Food Distribution project was funded by UN-WFP office in 2018. The project was designed for three (3) months to assist 1500 vulnerable female and male beneficiaries, affected HHs in three districts of Bamyan province namely, Kahmard, Saighan and Yakawalang No.2 (Dara-Chasht). The objective of the project was to reduce the food insecurity at the remote areas of the mentioned districts by providing food assistance at the lean seasons, where HHs were not able to provide food to their family members. The overall objective of the program was to ensure adequate household food consumption for extremely vulnerable households with limited or no access to food, and to prevent a deterioration of food security among highly vulnerable households affected by natural disaster and lean seasons. The project was implemented with coordination of directorate of economy, directorate of disaster management, district governors, CDCs, DDAs and community representatives. The beneficiaries of the project was identified through a survey and need assessment conducted by the joint team of the representatives from the mentioned stakeholders and 1500 beneficiaries were enrolled in the programme. After the approval of the beneficiaries by the stakeholders, 270 MT food commodities including, wheat flour, pulses, vegetable oil, and salt was requested and distributed to the project beneficiaries. During the project, each HHs received 150 KG wheat flour, 13.5 KG vegetable oil, 1.5 KG salt, and 15 KG pulses for the mentioned duration. Additionally, the project had several activities including, coordination with government line ministries and directorates at the capital and provincial level, recruitment of the project staff, preparation of the distribution sites, establishment of the distribution committee, monitoring from the distribution process by the joint team, and post-distribution monitoring and evaluation. Finally, the project assisted the vulnerable HHs and maintained the food security of the affected HHs in the targeted districts of Bamyan province.

Project Goal:

Overall goal of the project was to support the affected HHs by natural disasters and lean seasons and improve the food security of the affected population in the targeted districts and villages and reach to the zero hunger.

Project Outcome:

Food security among 1,500 direct beneficiaries and 10,500 indirect beneficiaries improved.

Project Outputs:

  • 1500 vulnerable HHs identified in Kahmard, Saighan and Yakawalang No.2 districts of Bamyan province.
  • 1500 vulnerable HHs were registered in SCOPE database of UN-WFP office in Bamyan province.
  • 66.42 MT food commodities was distributed to 369 affected beneficiaries in Kahmard district of Bamyan province for the duration of three (3) months.
  • 43.92 MT food commodities was distributed to 244 affected beneficiaries in Saighan district of Bamyan province for the duration of three (3) months.
  • 159.66 MT food commodities was distributed to 887 affected beneficiaries in Yakawalang No.2 district of Bamyan province.

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