Start Date: 1st November 2017

End Date: 15th January 2018

Geographical Location: Kabul Province – PD7

Project Direct Beneficiaries: 200 male and female

Project Indirect Beneficiaries: 1400 male and female

Funding Agency: United Nations – World Food Programme (UN-WFP)


The seasonal support project (Cash Based Transfer) was designed to assist the 200 affected households at the time of winter, improve the food security of the households, and contribute to prevent from huger. The objectives of the project was to reduce hunger, poverty, food insecurity and reduce malnutrition among children of HHs. Cash based transfer (CBT) pilot project was funded by World Food Program (WFP) in 1st November 2017 and ended in 15th January 2018. Project was implemented in PD7 of Kabul city for 200 vulnerable male and female headed HHs. The project was cash based assistance to vulnerable families who were poor, widows, disabled and jobless. Beneficiaries of the program was listed after the assessment and survey by the joint team and after the re-verification of the UN-WFP, the cash aid was transferred to Afghanistan International Bank. The project was a seasonal support project which aims to support poor and needy families by providing 12,000 AFN as a cash assistance, and opportunities to have several choices while buying food items, burning wood, heater and etc… other activities of the project included, coordination with government line directorates and ministries, AIB bank, CDCs and DDAs for the sake of smooth implementation of the project activities, distribution of cash through AIB bank, and post- distribution monitoring in-order to assess the use of cash by the project beneficiaries. Distribution of cash to affected and vulnerable HHs improved the food security of the affected HHs, and prevented their children from malnutrition and hunger.

Project Goal:

To assist 200 vulnerable HHs (Families) at PD 7 of Kabul Province.


Food security and basic needs of vulnerable HHs maintained and improved.


  • 200 vulnerable HHs received two and half months cash ration (12000 AFN).
  • Food commodities purchased by vulnerable HHs.
  • Burning wood for winter purchased by vulnerable HHs.
  • Medicine for ill members of HHs purchased.
  • Nutritional food for children purchased by member of the HHs.
  • Small business created by vulnerable HHs to generate income.

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