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Start Date: 20th March 2018

End Date: 20th July 2018

Geographical Location: Kabul Province – PD6 – Shahrak 12 Emam, and Qalai Babu Villages

Project Direct Beneficiaries: 350 female

Project Indirect Beneficiaries: 2450 male and female

Funding Agency: War Child Canada Office (WCC)


The preventing domestic violence workshop project was funded by War Child Canada (WCC) office in Kabul province for the period of four (4) months (20th March 2018 – 20th July 2018). The project aimed to reduce the risk of future abuse and improving participant’s quality of life. Through the implementation of the said project, consequences of violence in women and in children in the HHs level reduced. 350 female beneficiaries participated in the workshop. The intervention occurred in the community and was a short 12 days’ workshop. The preventing domestic violence workshop was organized in four rounds. In each month, 3 days’ workshop had been conducted for 87 - 88 female beneficiaries. In total 350 female beneficiaries participated in the mentioned workshop and raised their knowledge on domestic violence and its prevention at family level. The participants had participated in the theoretical, practical, drama and presentation sessions in four rounds of the trainings. The participants had applied the learning topics in their families. Now, the participants experience having better life and they have reported that 80 percent violence in their families had been reduced. In this training workshop awareness of 350 female participants had been raised during the four rounds of the preventing domestic violence, through the financial support of War Child Canada (WCC) office.

Project Goal:

Overall goal of the project was to reduce the level of domestic violence as an outrage violation of human rights, as well as raising public awareness on domestic violence issues and to enhance the safety of women and their children.

Project Outcome:

Percentage of CONSEQUESNCE of violence in families at PD6 of Kabul province reduced.

Project Outputs:

  • Four rounds of training organized in PD6 of Kabul province.
  • Awareness of participants on domestic violence and its prevention raised.
  • 24 classes had been conducted for 350 female beneficiaries.
  • 24 drama session, and 24 presentation session had been organized and presented by the participants.
  • 144,900 AFN distributed to beneficiaries as an incentive.
  • 350 participation certificates was distributed to 350 female participants.

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